About Us

Why We Started kre-a-tiv COLLECTION

  • We Got You! - Curate Trustworthy Selections: We meticulously research, test, and select a range of products spanning various categories, from home and wellness to office spaces and technology. Every product featured on our platform undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure its quality, reliability, and ability to contribute to your peace of mind, earning it the KLC Stamp of Approval. This approach ensures that the products you buy meet the high standards we set as a design firm for our projects.

  • Let’s Make Life Easy! - Simplify Decision-Making: We recognize that the abundance of choices available in the market can lead to decision fatigue. Our selection of reliable and high quality picks simplifies your shopping experience by presenting you with a thoughtfully crafted list of products. Our expert recommendations and testing of these products offer valuable insights, making it easier for you to make informed choices for your personal preference.

  • All About You! - Promote Well-Being: Beyond offering products, we are committed to guiding you through the complexities and uncertainties of decision-making with ease and assurance. Through our resources, and community engagement, we aim to provide you with tips, advice, and inspiration to help you achieve and maintain peace of mind in all your design decisions.

kre-a-tiv COLLECTION works to find products that create peace of mind by addressing various aspects of our lives and providing solutions to common concerns, as well as directing you to places that are easy to use. They can offer a sense of security, convenience, and well-being, ultimately contributing to a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle.